Keevo Carbon Key™ Storage and Recovery

We've partnered with Iron Mountain to provide a safe, secure, and geo-dispersed storage solution for your Keevo Carbon Key™. 

Keep your Keevo at home and ship your carbon key for safe storage. Retrieve your key whenever you need to restore your device or to grant beneficiary access.

Storage is included with Premium Plus Membership.

Keevo Carbon Key™ Storage

Secure storage powered by Iron Mountain.

Keevo will store Member's Carbon Keys in one of our enterprise-grade, geo-dispersed storage facilities and premium vaults.   This allows for redundant storage with full end-to-end, private and secure chain-of-custody control for your Carbon Key. 

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Say goodbye to paper seed phrases

A breakthrough in convenience & peace of mind

Keevo’s unique Carbon Key™ replaces paper seed phrases with a breakthrough backup and recovery system that is more secure & easier to use. Say goodbye to the anxiety and hassle of managing insecure paper seed phrases.

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Simple and Reliable Beneficiary Service

Members can name a  beneficiary and enable them to encrypt their own strong PIN and biometric information on a member’s Carbon Key™.  In the unfortunate case of a member’s death, the beneficiary can recover your carbon key with proper documentation.

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