Paperless Recovery

Say Goodbye to Paper Seed Phrases

Current Hardware Wallets Suck

We think most of the hardware wallets on the market today deliver a complex, hard to use, and hardely secure solution.  They have small LCD screens and 2 - button navigation controls which are difficult to use and even more difficult to create passwords with. And above all else, they all require users to securely store and manage a recovery seed phrase, typically on a piece of paper. We think this is asinine. It’s not only incredibly cumbersome and inconvenient, it’s also insanely unsecure. Anyone who can access your seed phrase can steel your crypto. And with blockchain, there’s no undo button. There’s no recourse.

Multi-Factor/Multi-Sig Authentication Powers Paperless Recovery

At the core of Keevo’s revolutionary security is the patent-pending Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication. Signing any transaction is simple with at least 3 of 4 unique factors. If your Keevo is lost or stolen, your assets remain safe even if your pin # is known. You (and only you) can easily restore your Keevo with your Carbon Key™, fingerprint and password.