General Questions about Hardware Wallets, Private Keys & Crypto

What is a hardware wallet and what are the benefits of using them?

Questions About The Device Technical Specifications

What is the size of the display?

Are the Keevo Model 1 and Carbon Key water-proof?

Want devices and operating systems will Keevo support?

Questions About Keevo’s MF/MSA Security

I'm worried that I might lose my Carbon Key. What happens then??

What if Keevo Goes out of business ... how/can I get my crypto?

What if my Carbon Key is lost during transport to/from my Premium Plus Vault?

Can Keevo hack into a registered storage user’s Carbon Key?

Can a Beneficiary Restore a Keevo HW Wallet Device before a User Dies?

What if my Keevo or Carbon Key are Intercepted and hacked during transport?

When/how do I renew and what happens if I decide not to renew for the Keevo Service?

Questions about Keevo Pre-Orders

How can I get an invitation to pre-order my Keevo?

When will you begin shipping Keevos, when will my order arrive?

Questions About Keevo's Premium Plus Membership

Is a subscription to Keevo's Premium Plus Membership required?

What are the benefits of the Keevo Premium Plus Membership?